Is Glacier Bay A Good Brand? Read Our Comprehensive Review

In the world of interior design, the devil can be in the detail, and making a small change can totally transform the overall look of your space.

Seemingly small elements such as faucets can make or break an overall look, and are features that need to be a key factor in any design plans. It is also important that customers choose a faucet that works for them; there are a variety of options and types. Making the right choice can not only boost the look of your space, it can also make your life easier!

Best Selling Glacier Bay Faucets

As well as considering aesthetics, most customers will be searching for a solution that is affordable, accessible, and reliable. The Glacier Bay brand of faucets manages to tick all these boxes with ease, and so stands as a popular choice for homeowners, installation professionals, and DIY installers.

As part of the Home Depot brand, they enjoy an established reputation and access to a global market, giving them a strong international presence.

There is a wide range of factors to consider in home design, and choosing new faucets can be a challenge. From the configuration and set up, to the overall style and design, customers are faced with plenty of choices and maybe constrained by factors such as budget, space, and style.

Glacier Bay models come in a range of designs and finishes, making them a flexible and appealing choice for customers.

As a brand located at the lower end of the budget spectrum, Glacier Bay prides itself on offering simple, practical, and affordable faucet options, which are sure to be a hit with those looking for good quality at a lower price. They form part of the Home Depot brand, and so can be found across the world. They also offer a fantastic guarantee that their products will stand the test of time; every faucet sold comes with a 20-year warranty.

Options are available in a vast variety of finishes, from Heritage Bronze to chrome, and everything in between. No matter the style of your interior, you are sure to find the perfect match.

Brief History of The Brand

Widely considered to be an ‘entry-level’ brand, the Glacier Bay faucet brand offers a simple design, which has been influenced by the history of their parent company, Home Depot.

They were introduced to China in 1996 after Home Depot’s acquisition of two companies – ‘The Home Way,’ and ‘Your Other Warehouse,’ offering access to a whole new set of designs and inspirations, many of which were incorporated into the overall Glacier Bay design.

The international presence of Glacier Bay products means that most of the faucets are manufactured in Israel, China, or Taiwan. This keeps production costs lower, allowing savings to be passed onto the customer, and overall prices to be kept to a minimum. This combination of factors forms part of the secret to their super low prices.


You may think that all faucets are created equal, but this is far from being the case. Glacier Bay faucets come in all shapes and sizes, and many have extra additions and bonuses, which help to make them more appealing to customers.

From specialized spray settings to no-touch sensor technology, there are a variety of perks to be found, and all come in at the brand’s trademark affordable budget price. This means that customers can get their hands on a host of benefits, without having to spend over the odds.

The basic construction of each Glacier Bay faucet is simple and features a brass base, a high arc design, and a washerless ceramic cartridge. All Glacier Bay products are designed to reduce drips to increase customer convenience and will maximize space on the countertop, making them a perfect fit even for smaller homes.

Many will come with a pull-down or pull out feature, and these are ideal for offering more flexibility and movement if required – perfect if you use your kitchen for everything from washing dishes to filling pots.

In addition to convenience, there is one other area of technology in which this brand really shines: touchless faucets. These are designed to help reduce the spread of bacteria around the home or space, and is a super useful feature if you need to switch on the faucet with your hands full!

These models feature a small sensor which is located at the bottom of the unit – this is specifically designed to make sure that pets and other items do not accidentally trigger the flow of water, and this helps to improve the eco-friendly nature of the faucet, as well as to boost convenience.

LED lighting is another extra which is often included with Glacier Bay products, and comes as standard with the touchless model. This can be perfect for making sure that you eliminate every mark and speck from whatever you are trying to clean, allowing for greater accuracy and spotless results.

Types of Faucets

Though Glacier Bay kitchen faucets are widely accepted as a budget brand, there is nonetheless a good range of options when it comes to different faucet types. Some of the most popular picks include:

Glacier Bay Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

An easy way to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your kitchen is to install a one handle pull down Glacier Bay kitchen faucet. As the name suggests, these models work by including a tall faucet head, which can be pulled down into the sink. This allows the flow to be pulled down closer to the basin and will have the same free-range as the hose.

These can be a perfect choice if you need to fill pitchers and pans easily – you can simply pull down the hose, with no need to twist or move the hose. On the downside, these models tend to have lower water pressure, and there is a risk that the sprayer will dangle on cheaper or budget models.

One Handle Pull Out Kitchen Faucets

A pull-out kitchen faucet is similar in many ways to the pull-down models, but they tend to offer a little more flexibility and movability. The head of the faucet can be pulled forward as the hose extends, and this hose does tend to be slightly longer than a pull-down option to allow extra room to maneuver.

If you need to fill pots and pans on the countertop, this can be a great choice, as you will have more freedom to swivel and move the hose. The profile also tends to be lower, and this can be useful if your kitchen space is small, or the counter is a little lower. This does, of course, mean that filling larger containers such as vases or tall pots can be trickier.

Two Handle Kitchen Faucets with Side Spray

Another popular choice offered by the Glacier Bay faucet brand is the two-handled model with a side spray. This works in a similar way to the options we have looked at but includes a useful side spray, which offers far more flexibility. The hose will be able to move and adapt 180 degrees, providing a continuous flow of water that can be directed to the exact area you require.

This is an excellent choice for spraying down dishes and pans, as well as washing countertops. It can even be used to stretch into the dishwasher, allowing you to wash off any excess debris before you start the cycle and helping to prolong the lifespan of your machine.

Wall Mount Kitchen Faucets

Choosing a wall-mounted faucet is the perfect way to inject some individuality and personality into your kitchen and can offer a quirky alternative to traditional settings. These are amongst the most popular Glacier Bay faucets and are especially useful if you have a smaller kitchen and are looking to free up precious counter space. This is a look that really helps to add a touch of elegance to the room, and can be a real talking point in your new design.

Commercial-Style Kitchen Faucets

For a slick and professional finish to your kitchen, a commercial-style Glacier Bay faucet can be the perfect addition. If your faucet gets a lot of use, for example, with a busy family or hectic schedule, these can be a great way to help make the most of every use. They tend to offer a higher water pressure, and so have more power to tackle tough tasks with ease. There is also the added bonus of less noise; feedback from satisfied customers suggests that commercial-style faucets are far quieter than their domestic alternatives!

Value & Price

One of the major bonuses of choosing a Glacier Bay faucet is the affordability that comes with the brand. They are known for being a budget option, and so can act as a perfect pick for those who are looking to transform their kitchen space without spending a fortune.

As one of the most affordable and best brands on the market, almost every model when it comes to Glacier Bay kitchen faucets can be found for less than $100, and this really offers an affordable way to upgrade the look and feel of your kitchen space, without breaking the bank.

The most basic models can be picked up for around $50 – these will not come with any additional features such as touchless technology or LED lighting but will do the job to a high standard. The mid-range options, which may offer some extras, will retail at around $75 – still a super affordable way for homeowners to transform their space.

Most models are readily available from Home Depot stores, and the most popular colors and materials are likely to be in stock and awaiting collection. The more unusual or less popular picks are still available to order online, and can usually be collected in-store within a few days or weeks.

Despite a budget reputation, Glacier Bay makes a point of refusing to compromise on value. They pride themselves on offering quality and high performance with every model, from the basic $50 faucets right up to the top end of around $100.

This makes them a perfect pick for DIY installers, those who are looking to update a tired kitchen or customers seeking to transform the look and feel of their home without having to spend large sums on a complete overhaul. The value for money is undeniable; Glacier Bay kitchen faucets are known for reliability, affordability and easy installation while offering a clean, simple aesthetic with a variety of colors and finishes.


There is a common misconception that paying a lower price for a product means that you will be accepting an inferior quality and that you will end up paying more in the long run as the product breaks down and needs to be replaced. Offering a great warranty is the perfect way to help negate this stereotype, and this is a benefit of the brand.

On this note, it is important to recognize that one of the major selling points of all Glacier Bay faucets is the warranty, which is offered with every product. This is a testament to the faith that they have in their brand; Home Depot promises to replace any product or parts which prove defective free of charge.

They have an assurance that all purchases will be free of any defects in either the workmanship or the quality of the materials used. This warranty is valid for the whole lifetime of the product, and these facts help to reassure customers that despite the lower price tags of Glacier Bay kitchen faucets, they are nonetheless receiving excellent value for money.

Who Makes Glacier Bay Faucets & Sinks?

Glacier bay faucets and sinks are made by Home Depot through their partnerships with international companies. Most of them are produced overseas in countries like China and Taiwan. This lowers their cost, which in turns allows Home Depot to sell Glacier Bay products at very competitive prices.

Are Glacier Bay Faucets Right for You?

Glacier Bay faucets are the perfect choice for customers looking to transform or upgrade their kitchen, while still sticking to a more affordable budget. They offer a reliable, high-quality product, and come in a wide variety of finishes, shades, and colors.

There are also plenty of types of faucet available, from chic wall-mounted models which form the perfect space saver, to pull out faucets and side sprays, ideal for accessing awkward spaces, tall units, or washing down countertops.

If you need reliability on a budget, combined with a smart appearance and practical, useful extras, Glacier Bay is the perfect choice for your faucet needs!