Is WEWE A Good Faucet Brand? Read Our Comprehensive Review

With well over a dozen faucet brands offering their wares to consumers searching for a new kitchen or bathroom faucet, finding the perfect fit can be challenging. As you browse through the hundreds of faucet models, you’ll come across big brand names, like Moen or Delta, and brands you might be unfamiliar with, like WEWE.

Key Points:

  • WEWE is an experienced manufacturer of affordable and easy-to-install faucets.
  • WEWE’s products are sourced from factories throughout China and are available for purchase online or at Walmart.
  • WEWE faucets generally have good quality, come in trendy designs, and offer multiple accessories for convenience.

But since WEWE faucets come in popular designs and finishes at a much lower price than mainstream brands, you might begin to wonder.

Are these faucets any good? Who makes them? Let’s find out.

About WEWE

WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull Out Kitchen Faucet,Single Level Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Faucets with Pull Down Sprayer

With over twenty years of experience in the faucet industry, WEWE is a familiar face in the crowd. While the company doesn’t have the expertise of industry-leading brands like Moen and Delta (which have been around for decades), it isn’t the newest company on the scene.

WEWE recognized the need for affordable, easy-to-install products, as many faucet brands offered pricier or tricky-to-install products. So, to address this need, the company’s CEO is dedicated to providing affordable products with a DIY-friendly installation process (even if you don’t have any experience installing a faucet).

Where Are WEWE Faucets Made?

WEWE sources its products from its factories scattered throughout China. The entire process is completed in China, including every step from initial design to production and assembly. Unlike some major faucet brands, which source products from various Asian manufacturers, WEWE’s products solely come from Chinese manufacturers.

Who Makes WEWE Faucets?

The maker of your WEWE faucet depends on the model in question, as the company sources its products from various factories throughout China. So, while there’s no doubting the origin of the faucet, narrowing it down to a single factory is tricky.

Where Can You Buy WEWE Faucets?

Like many faucet brands, WEWE offers its products through various sellers. Customers can find WEWE faucets through multiple places, such as Walmart, Amazon, and Sears.

Unfortunately, you won’t find these faucets at your local big box home improvement stores, like Lowe’s or Home Depot. So, if you want to purchase a WEWE faucet, you’ll have to order them offline or check your local Walmart for in-stock options.

Best Sellers on Amazon:

Are WEWE Faucets Any Good?

After careful research and consideration, we think WEWE faucets can be the perfect solution for some folks. However, they might not be the best option for everyone. We broke our answer into sections to help you decide whether these products fit your home, examining aspects such as quality, design, and customer feedback.


The overall quality of WEWE faucets appears to be good. Many reviewers are satisfied with the quality and durability of these faucets. As we combed through customer reviews, we found numerous reviews mentioning elegant looks and a high-quality feel.

Product Line

WEWE primarily offers kitchen faucets, although a few miscellaneous bath faucets are available on the market. Aside from its kitchen faucets, WEWE provides a wide range of products, including the following:

  • Replacement parts (aerators, cartridges, water hoses, etc.)
  • Sink strainers
  • Escutcheons
  • Sinks
  • Floor drains
  • Toilet bowls
  • Water purification devices
  • Drinking fountains
  • Wash-hand bowls
  • Hydromassage bath tub
  • Spigots


Kitchen Faucet-WEWE Single Handle Stainless Steel Brushed Nickel Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet with Pull Out Sprayer

When it comes to design, WEWE faucets are far from lacking. These products come in trendy, stylish designs with sleek, modern silhouettes popular today. The company incorporates the highly popular high-arc spout in many of its kitchen faucets.

In addition, the company offers pull-out, pull-down, and spring-spout designs to keep up with the latest trends. Some of its products come with accompanying accessories, such as soap dispensers, water faucets, and glass rinsers.

Many of WEWE’s faucets are compatible with one or three-hole setups, as they come with an escutcheon that covers unused holes in the sink deck or countertop.

Customers can choose from various finishes, including brushed stainless steel, brushed nickel, gold, matte black, oil-rubbed bronze, polished chrome, and matte gray. They also offer a few two-tone options, such as a black and chrome design.


As mentioned, WEWE prioritizes affordable pricing. Because of this, many of its faucets are available for less than $100, although a few models tip the scales over this mark.

Compared to many industry-leading brands, these prices are impressive. Brands like Moen, Delta, and Kohler often feature price tags well over $200-$300, making them unaffordable for some folks. So, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly kitchen faucet, WEWE’s offerings might be the perfect solution!


Warranty information for WEWE’s faucets is tricky to pinpoint. We browsed through several faucet listings and didn’t see specific details surrounding the warranty. While there was a link in the warranty section of one particular faucet, the following page redirects customers to the seller or manufacturer’s website.

Unfortunately, WEWE’s website doesn’t detail information surrounding its warranty. That said, WEWE’s site has a button to activate a five-year warranty, so we can assume customers receive a five-year warranty with activation.

While there aren’t specifics regarding the warranty’s terms, WEWE states its warranties are only available to the original buyer who purchases the product from Aonecer on Amazon.


If you’re searching for a touchless or voice-activated faucet, you won’t find it in the WEWE faucet lineup. At the time of writing, WEWE doesn’t offer these tech features. However, it offers a few models with touch-on features, enabling users to activate the water flow with a simple tap to the faucet’s body.

Although WEWE doesn’t have the most tech-filled faucet options, its kitchen faucets come equipped with various spray patterns. Like faucets from industry leaders, WEWE’s faucets feature stream, spray, and sweep flow modes for easy and convenient operation. Of course, the range of spray modes varies based on the tap in question, but faucets with pull-out or pull-down swivel sprayers usually feature at least a few modes.

Customer Reviews

Thousands of satisfied customers mention the ease of installation, value, extravagant appearances, ease of cleaning, and high-quality design of these faucets. The negative reviews, which make up less than 5% of reviews (on several models), cite issues with leaks, strange temperature sensitivity, and premature failure (within two years).

Customer Service

We’ve reviewed several faucet brands, including Signature Hardware, Allen + Roth, and Restoration Hardware. With many of these brands, a customer service team responds to each negative review, offering a solution or replacement.

However, as we sifted through WEWE’s faucet negative reviews, we didn’t see a customer service team responding to the feedback. That said, several reviews mentioned satisfaction with customer service. By reaching out to the seller or manufacturer, reviewers were able to resolve issues with their faucets.

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  1. WEWE faucets are JUNK! Although they did send another one (option paypal or replacement) I never! use paypal so I had no other option.
    There was NO customer service just sales, it did come with a 5 yr. warranty and any new customers will be glad!
    I purchased this because of all the OK reviews, and of course price. Save the money and buy a name brand faucet, I will as soon as soon as this new one breaks

    • Thanks for the feedback Tim. Maybe you just had a bad experience. I have owned a WEWE faucet and didn’t have any issues.


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